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DJYPVPR series computer cables

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DJYPVPR series computer soft cable
I. overview:

Computer cable products are applicable to computers with rated voltage 500V and below, which are highly resistant to electronic interference and automatic connection cables. Cable core insulation is made of K type B low density polyethylene with oxidation resistance. Polyethylene has high insulation resistance, good voltage resistance, small dielectric coefficient, and low dielectric loss temperature and variable frequency. It can not only meet the requirements of transmission performance, but also ensure the service life of cables.
In order to reduce mutual crosstalk and external interference, the cable adopts shielding structure. The shielding requirements of cables are based on different occasions: the combined shielding of twisted pair, the total shielding of twisted pair of cables, and the total shielding after combined shielding.
Shielding material has round copper wire, copper strip, aluminum tape / plastic compound belt three kinds. The shielding pair has better insulation performance than the shielding pair. If the potential difference exists between the shields and the shields when the cable is used, the transmission quality of the signal will not be affected.

Two, technical performance: product rated voltage (U0/U): 300/500V
The long-term working temperature is 70 C.
The ambient temperature is not less than fixed: -40 C, fixed at -15 C.
Very small bending radius: the armour free layer should be less than 6 times the outer diameter of the cable. The cable with armored layer should be no less than 12 times the outer diameter of the cable.
When the DC 500V voltage test is used to stabilize the charge 1min at 20 C, the insulation resistance should not be less than 2500M ohm. Km
There should be no break between the pair of shields and between the shields and the total shields.
The cable core and core should be subject to 50HZ, and the AC 2000V voltage test 5min will not breakdown.


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