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ZR-DJYPVP flame retardant computer cable

This product is suitable for the connection of the
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This product is suitable for the connection of the signal transmission and the high anti-interference performance testing device and instrument with AC rated voltage 300/500V or DC 1000V and below.  

Product Description: Note: we can produce (ZR) flame retardant, (IA) intrinsically safe and high temperature resistant computer cables according to user requirements.  

ZR-DJYPVP polyethylene insulated pair copper twisted tape general shielded PVC sheathed soft computer cable

ZR-DJYPVP computer cable representation: (1~37) x 2 x (0.5 ~ 2.5?); (1~24) x 3 x (0.5 ~ 2.5?

Product mix:

1) nominal pairs (Group): 1-37 pairs (Group);

2) conductor: annealed soft round copper wire with nominal cross section of 0.50, 0.75, 1, 1.5, 2.5mm?

3) insulating material: HDPE;

4) shielding: copper tape shielding;

5) sheath: Black PVC;

6) identification and length mark: the cable surface has sex identification mark, the mark interval is not greater than 1m, the marking content includes: conductor nominal cross section, line pair number, cable type, manufacturer name and manufacturing year, length mark with interval not more than 1m marked on the outer surface.  

Working conditions: laying indoors, cable trenches, pipes and so on, requiring electrostatic shielding.  

Electrical properties:

1) when the DC 500V voltage test is used to stabilize the charge 1min at 20 C, the insulation resistance should not be less than 2500M ohm? Km;

2) there should be no break between the pair of shields and between the shields and the total shields.

3) cable core and wire core and shielding should withstand 50HZ AC 2000V voltage test 5min without breakdown.  

Usage characteristics:

1) the long-term allowable working temperature of cable conductors should be no more than 70 degrees C. the cables should be protected from high temperature direct current radiation or contact during use.

2) the laying temperature of the cable is not less than 0 degrees.

3) when the cable is used, the ambient temperature is not less than: fixed at -40 C, fixed at -15 C;

4) the allowable bending radius of cable installation and installation: the non armored cable should not be less than 6 times the outer diameter of the cable; the cable of the armoured or shielding layer should not be less than 12 times the outer diameter of the cable; the soft cable of the shielding layer should not be less than 6 times of the outer diameter of the cable.  

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