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Two color quartz tube level gauge

UGS two-color quartz tube level gauge is mainly us
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UGS two-color quartz tube level gauge is mainly used for liquid level display on all kinds of pressure vessels and industrial steam boilers. Compared with the original UGSX two-color quartz tube liquid level gauge, it has more safety, reliability, clearer display, more convenient maintenance and repair. It overcomes the defect that the original product needs to be carried power under the weak natural light, and its appearance is much smaller than the original volume or weight. The instrument is small and novel in general. It is a new generation of liquid level matching instrument specially designed for boiler industry in twenty-first Century.
The UGS two-color quartz tube liquid level gauge uses light to show different refractive index and reflection characteristics in different media, and makes use of the filter to make the liquid phase green and the gas phase red to display in two colors. The gas-liquid interface is very clear.
Comparison of two color quartz tube liquid level gauge:
Type number
Small and novel
Coarse and cumbersome
Installation center distance (mm)
Visual height
Weight / volume ratio
1 times
1.5 times
Working pressure
Less than 6.4MPa
Less than 4.0MPa
working temperature
-10~450 C
-10~250 C
Maintenance and assembly
More complicated
Additional device
Lighting, frost protection and steam jacket
Technical indicators of two-color quartz tube liquid level gauge:
Measurement range (installation center distance):300, 350, 440, 500, and 2000mm.
Visual height: 100, 150, 240, 300. 1800mm.
Working pressure of tested medium: 1.6, 2.5, 4, 6.4MPa
Working temperature: -10 C ~+450 C
Accompanying steam pressure: less than 0.6MPa
Steam jacket size: G1/2 "external thread
Observation distance: 15M (natural light) 50M (Fu Zhaoming)
Display color: green and gaseous red.
Lights: 36V AC 6W
Interface flange: adopt HG20592~20635-97 flange standard issued by Ministry of chemical industry in 1997. Flange diameter DN20, DN25, if users need to adopt other standards (such as GB, ANSI, DIN and other standards) can be designed according to user needs.  
The use of two color quartz tube liquid level gauge is as follows:
1. When the water level gauge is used, the valve should be slowly opened, and then the special glass tube will be preheated for 20~30 minutes. After a certain temperature, all the valves can be opened to water or other media.
2, during the use of the process, it is required to discharge frequently, so as to avoid fouling and obstructing passages, and the phenomenon of false water level appears.
3. When the quartz tube is damaged by accident, the plug of the upper and lower cocks can be turned to 90 degrees by means of the upper and lower handles of the instrument, so that the medium in the container can continue to flow out. At this time, the damaged parts can be replaced.
Use and maintenance of two color quartz tube level gauge.
1. The water level gauge after packing can be transported by conventional means of transport, but the severe vibration and direct erosion of rain and snow should be avoided.  
2. The water level gauge should be placed in a dry ventilating room with a temperature of 0~40 degrees, and the relative humidity is not greater than 80%. Outdoor air should not contain corrosive medium.
3. Water level gauge must be installed vertically, and its vertical deviation should be less than 3 degrees.  
4, the water level gauge and containers should be equipped with stop valves for cleaning and maintenance when separated from the media.  
5. According to the medium condition, the main body should be cleaned regularly and the impurities in the pipe should be removed.

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