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Remote magnetic turnover board level gauge

The remote transmitting magnetic plate level gauge
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The remote transmitting magnetic plate level gauge is a combination of the two parts of the basic type and the remote transmitter, which can realize signal remote transmission, liquid level alarm and control functions. The UHZ type magnetic flip plate liquid level gauge is intuitive, eye-catching, cost-effective, temperature resistant, pressure resistant, anticorrosive and explosion-proof, making it widely used in liquid level measurement and automatic control in the production process of electric power, petroleum, chemical industry, metallurgy, environmental protection and other industries.  

Principle of liquid level meter with remote magnetic turnover board

The magnetic turnover plate level gauge is developed based on the buoyancy principle and the magnetic coupling function. When the liquid level in the container is measured up and down, the float in the main tube also rises and falls. The long magnetic steel in the float passes to the field indicator through magnetic coupling, driving the red and white column to turn over 180 degrees. When the liquid level rises, the turning column turns from white to red. When the liquid level drops, the turning column turns from red to white, and the red and white positions of the indicator are the liquid level in the container. Actual height so as to achieve liquid level indication.

The remote signal transmission of the magnetic plate level gauge is realized by the combination of the basic type and the liquid level remote transmission device.The liquid level remote transmission device is composed of a UR resistance sensor and a UB R/I conversion module. The sensor of the transmitter is fixed on the outside of the main tube of the UHZ magnetic switch level gauge in the form of bundles, so that it is in the same magnetic coupling system of the liquid level meter. When the magnetic float moves up and down with the liquid level, the reed pipe corresponding to the liquid position is absorbed by the magnetic field inside the float, and the resistance chain changes. Through changing the module, the resistance signal is changed into a 4 to 20mADC standard signal output of two-wire system, which can be conveniently used in conjunction with the electric III type instrument and display instrument, and can also be adjusted with the light pillar indicator and digital display alarm device. It can be used to display, control, regulate and alarm the remote transmitting magnetic level meter.

The control and alarm of the magnetic tipping plate liquid level gauge is operated through a reed switch or mercury contact switch, according to the given value of the liquid level, so as to achieve the purpose of liquid level alarm, control and accident linkage.

Characteristics of remote magnetic turnover board level gauge

It is suitable for measuring the liquid level and boundary of pressure vessels. It can collect on-site instructions, remote transmission output and control alarm.

The instructions are fresh and intuitive. The observation angle can be changed according to users' convenience.

The measuring range is large, and is not limited by tank height.

The indicating mechanism is completely separated from the tested medium, so the sealing is good, the reliability is high, and the use is safe.

High temperature resistant, ceramic columns can be used without fading.

The structure is simple, the installation is convenient, and the maintenance cost is low.          

Technical parameters of explosion-proof remote magnetic turnover board level gauge

A. basic model

Measurement range: 300 ~ 15000mm

Measurement accuracy: + 5.0mm, + 10mm

Working temperature: -40 ~ 250 C (ABS PP-R, PVC:-40 ~ 80 c), special type can reach 450 C.

Working pressure: less than 2.5MPa (2.5MPa above can be separately set up juice) anti-corrosion type is less than 0.6MPa

Medium viscosity: less than 1st (10-4m2/s)

Medium density: greater than or equal to 450kg/m3

Medium density difference: greater than or equal to 150kg/m3

Sewage interface: ZG1/2 "(internal)

Ambient vibration: frequency less than 25Hz, amplitude less than 0.5mm

Follow speed: less than 0.08m/s

Liquid material: stainless steel (1Cr18Ni9Ti, 316316L).

Stainless steel lined polytetrafluoroethylene (1Cr18Ni9Ti lined PTFE)

PVC plastic (PVC), PP-R, ABS

Connection process: side mounted HG20592-97 DN25 PN4.0 (or user specified)

Top mounted HG20592-97 DN100 PN1.6 (or user specified)

Jacket flange HG20592-97 DN15 PN1.6 (or user specified)

B. remote transmission device

Output signal: 4 ~ 20mA

Load impedance: 350 ohm (24VDC)

Power supply: 18 ~ 30VDC (rated 24VDC)

Ambient temperature: -40 ~ 80 C

Relative humidity: less than 90%RH

Power consumption: 0.5W

Intrinsically safe: ibIICT4

Flameproof: dIIBT4

C. control alarm switch

Output type: normally open normally closed switch signal

Alarm accuracy: +10mm

Ambient temperature: -40 ~ 80 C

Working life: more than 105 times.

Outlet interface: M20 1.5 or internal thread 3/4 ".

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