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Metal tube rotator flowmeter

The metal tube rotator flowmeter is a reference fl
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I. Product Overview

The metal tube rotator flowmeter is a reference flow measuring liquid and gas continuously in a closed pipe by variable area measurement principle. The local display and intelligent remote transmission support multiple output protocols, providing users with a wide choice of space. In addition, the instrument adopts advanced 16 bit microprocessor and high quality industrial components, which ensures the good performance of flowmeters in various application places.

The metal tube rotator flowmeter is based on the principle of variable area measurement, which is used to continuously measure the reference flow of liquid and gas in closed pipelines. It can be used to detect the flow rate of liquid, gas and steam, especially for medium flow measurement with low flow rate and small flow rate.

Two. Product application

1. All metal structure, suitable for high temperature, high pressure and strong corrosive medium.

2, can bring data recovery, data is sealed and power failure protection function.

3, suitable for low flow medium flow detection.
4, the range of payment is 10:1, special type 20:1.
5, the requirement for straight section is not high.
6, dual line LCD screen display, with backlight.

7, simultaneous display of instantaneous flow and cumulative flow rate.

Three. Product parameters

Measuring rangeWater: 2.5 ~ 100000L/h
Air: 0.07 ~ 3000m /h
Range ratio10:1 (DN = 100mm)
5:1 (DN = 100mm)
Accuracy gradeStandard class 1.5, special order up to 1.
Working pressureDN15, DN25, DN40, DN50 ~ 4.0MPa
DN80, DN100, DN150 ~ 1.6MPa
Medium temperatureOrdinary type: -40 C ~ 100 C
High temperature type: -80 ~ 250 C
It is lined with F46 fluoroplastics: -40 C to +80 C, lined with PFTE-40 ~ +120 C.
Ambient temperaturePointer type: -40 ~ +65 centigrade.
Intelligent: -25 C ~ +65 C
Connection modeFlange connection, threaded connection, clamp connection
Electrical interfaceM20 * 1.5 (special requirement to do)
Protection levelIP65
Explosion proof gradeIntrinsically safe: ExibIICT4 (with LB987S safety barrier) flameproof: ExdIIBT4
Medium viscosityDN15 less than 5Mpa.s DN25 to 150 or less than 5Mpa.s
Working power supply3.6V lithium battery 1 sections, can be used for one year.
+24VDC, ripple less than 5%
Measuring tube material304 stainless steel 316 stainless steel, 304 or 316L stainless steel lined FTFE or F46
Float material304 or 316 (stainless steel); FTFE or F46

Four. Product classification

Gauge specificationField display typeRemote transmission display type
signal outputnothing4 ~ 20mA
Power supplyNo or Li battery+24VDC
Accuracy gradeLevel 1.5
MonitorPointer or LCD
Temperature and pressure compensationnothing
communication interfacenothing
Measuring tube materialStainless steel, optional lining PTFE
Explosion proof gradeOptional ExibIICT4
Protection levelIP65
Instrument accessDN15 ~ DN150
Installation modeFlange installation
Medium temperature< 250 degrees C
ambient temperature-30 ~ 60 C

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