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Crosslinked power cable

This product is manufactured according to the stan
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Product Description:


This product is manufactured according to the standard GB1270 "copper core and aluminum core plastic insulated power cable with rated voltage 35kV and below," and it can also be produced according to user needs according to the recommended standards of International Electrotechnical Commission IEC, British standard, German standard and American Standard.

Type of cable:


Scope of application:

This product is applicable to power distribution line for power distribution at rated voltage 3.6/kV-26/35kV.

Usage characteristics:

The rated voltage Uo/U is 3.6/6KV-26/35KV.
The permitted long term high working temperature of cable conductor is 90 C.
* short circuit (long duration not exceeding 5S) cable conductor high temperature not exceeding 250 C.
When the cable is laid, the ambient temperature should be no less than 0 C.
Cable bending radius: three core cable is not less than 15 times of cable outer diameter; single core cable is not less than 20 times of cable diameter.

Selection of cable rated voltage

The rated voltage of the cable should be suitable for the operation of the cable system, expressed in Uo/U (Um) KV.
Rated power frequency voltage between conductor to ground or metal shield for Uo-- cable design.
Rated power frequency voltage between conductors for U-- cable design;
The high value of the "high system voltage" that the Um-- device can withstand.

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