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PVC insulated PVC sheathed power cables

Product standard Standard This product is manufact
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Product standard Standard
This product is manufactured according to the standard GB12706 "copper core and aluminum core plastic insulated power cable with rated voltage 35kV and below."
The product is manufactured according to the stand of GB12706 or or, *,
Scope of application Applications
This product is suitable for fixed laying in distribution network or industrial device with rated voltage 0.6/1KV or below.
The product is suitable for use in power distribution lines or lines

Using characteristic Operating characteristics
The rated voltage Uo/U is 0.6/1KV.
Rated power-frequency voltage Uo/U:0.6/1KV.
Long term operation of cable conductors at a high temperature of 70 C
Max.permissible continuous operating temperature of conductor: 70 C
The allowable high temperature of cable conductor when short circuit (long duration not exceeding 5S):
The conductor cross section is less than 300mm2 - 160 C;
Conductor cross section 300 - 140 > C;
Max.short-circuit temperature of the conductor shall not excssd: (5smaximum duration).Cross-section 5smaximum = < 160 - C;
Cross-section of conducter > 300mm2 - 140 C, when the cable is laid, the ambient temperature should be no less than 0 C.
The ambient temperature under installation should should not below0 C
The bending radius of the cable is not less than 10 times of the outer diameter of the cable.

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