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Concentric conductor power cable VV-T YJV-T ZR-VV22-T

I. scope of application This product is suitable f
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I. scope of application
This product is suitable for power transmission in power lines with rated voltage of 0.6/1kV or less.
Two, product characteristics
1, low and uniform positive (reverse) order and low order impedance are beneficial to improving the quality of power supply.
2, the concentric conductor is much lower than the four core cable's fourth core in the low sequence working state, which is beneficial to the sensitive action of the short circuit automatic protection device, thus ensuring the operation of the cable related equipment.

3. It has strong electromagnetic interference resistance and lightning resistance performance.
4, five core and core conductor power cable is suitable for three-phase five wire distribution system.
Three, model specification
1. Letter meaning
-T: concentric conductor ZR: flame retardant NH: fire resistant type (other than ordinary power cable).
Four, use conditions

1. High permissible conductor temperature: long term permissible working temperature: PVC insulation at 70 C.
XLPE insulation at 90 C.
2. When the cable is short circuited (for a long duration of no more than 5S), the conductor's high temperature will not exceed:
PVC insulated cable at 160 C;
XLPE insulated cable at 250 C.
3. The ambient temperature should not be below 0 C.
4. The allowable bending diameter of the cable is: the single core cable is not less than 40 times the outer diameter of the cable.
The multi core cable is not less than 30 times the outer diameter of the cable.
5. Flame retardant and refractory cables meet the requirements of corresponding flame retardancy and fire resistance.

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