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PVC insulated flexible wires & cables

Product features: 1. Purpose: This product is suit
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227IEC PVC insulated flexible wire and cable
Product features: 1. Purpose: This product is suitable for the connection of household appliances, small electric tools, instruments and power lighting devices with AC rated voltage of 450/750V or less. 2, product standards: GB5023, 3-85 "rated voltage 450/750V and below PVC insulated cables (wires) connection soft wire" 3, use characteristics: 1) U0/U is 450/750V, 300/500V and 300/300V. 2) the permissible working temperature of cables: RV-105 should not exceed 105 degrees; other models should not exceed 70 C 4, cable type, name and scope of use:


NameScope of use
227IEC RVCopper core PVC insulated connection flexible cable (wire)Connection use
227IEC RVBCopper core PVC insulated flat connection flexible cables (wires)Connection use
227IEC RVSCopper core PVC insulated twisted connection flexible wireConnection use
227IEC RVVCopper core PVC insulated PVC sheathed circular connection flexible cableConnection use
227IEC RVVBCopper core PVC insulated PVC sheathed flat connection flexible wireConnection use
227IEC RV-105Copper core heat resistant 105 degree PVC insulated connection flexible wireConnection use

Note: flame retardant type can be produced according to need, and "ZR" is added before the prototype number.

5. Scope of production

ModelRated voltage VCore numberNominal cross section mm2
227IEC RV300/500One0.3-10

227IEC RVB300/300Two0.3-10
227IEC RVS300/300Two0.3-0.25
227IEC RVV300/3002-300.5-6.0

227IEC RVVB300/300Two0.5-2.5

300/500TwoZero point seven five
227IEC RV-105450/750One0.5-95

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