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Explosion proof thermocouple

Industrial flameproof thermocouple is a kind of te
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I. Product Overview

Industrial flameproof thermocouple is a kind of temperature sensor. It is widely used in the chemical industry automatic control system. Through the temperature sensor, the temperature parameters of the controlled object can be changed into electrical signals, transmitted to the display, recording and adjusting instrument, and the system is tested, regulated and controlled.    

In chemical plants, the production site is often accompanied by various inflammable, explosive and other chemical gases and steam. If the ordinary thermocouple is used is very unsafe, it is easy to cause environmental gas explosions. Therefore, it is necessary to use flameproof thermocouple as temperature sensor on these occasions. The flameproof thermocouple products produced by our company are suitable for sites with explosive gas in the D II CT6 temperature group.    

Two. Working principle:

If the two different components of the homogeneous conductor (thermoelectric pole) form a closed loop, when there is a temperature gradient at both ends, there is current passing through the loop, so there is thermoelectric potential between the two ends (as shown below).

Three. Explosion protection principle:

The gap flameproof principle is used to design a junction box with enough strength. All components that generate sparks, arcs and dangerous temperatures are sealed in the junction box. When the explosion occurs inside the cavity, the flame and temperature of the explosion can not be transmitted to the cavity through the flameout and cooling of the joint gap.

Four. Product characteristics:

According to international IEC standard, new explosion-proof regulation GB3836 is designed.

The use of two cavity flameproof structure, easy to replace the temperature sensor, safe and reliable use.

Flameproof sign D II CT6 is suitable for measuring temperature below C below C and ignition temperature above explosive gas.

Five. Selection method:

W temperature meter

R thermocouple

Sensing element materials
N nickel chromium copper nickel
E Ni Cr Ni Si
F Fe Cu Ni
C Cu Cu Ni

Logarithm of even filament
No single branch
2 - two branchesInstall fixed form

2 fixed thread
4 fixed flange
6 fixed thread cones form

Junction box form
4 flameproof type

Diameter of protection tube
0 Phi 16
1 Phi 20

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