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Micro differential pressure transmitter

The 1151DR differential pressure transmitter is us
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I. Product Overview

The 1151DR differential pressure transmitter is used to measure the micro differential pressure inside the furnace and then converted to 4 to 20mA DC signal output. The intelligent micro differential pressure transmitter can also communicate with the HART handheld device, through which it can be set up, monitored or installed with the upper computer to build a field monitoring system. The 1151DR field adjustment intelligent differential pressure transmitter is a new product developed by our company according to the requirements of the field. It can be separated from the manual device and realize the zero adjustment and configuration operation by means of key press.  

Two. Product performance specifications
(zero reference range, under the reference conditions, silicone oil filled, 316 L stainless steel isolation diaphragm).

1.1. reference accuracy
1.1.1. digital and intelligence: + 0.2% calibration range
1.1.2. analog, linear: + 0.5% calibration range
1.2. stability
1.2.1. number and intelligence: 6 months, + 0.2%URL
1.2.2. simulation, linear: 6 months, + 0.5%URL
1.3. ambient temperature effect
1.3.1. digital and intelligence:
Zero error: + 0.2%URL/56 C
Total error: + (0.2%URL+0.18% check range) /56 C
1.3.2. simulation and linearity
Zero error: + 0.5%URL/56 C
Total error: + (0.5%URL+0.5% check range) /56 C
1.4. static pressure effect
The zero error is + 0.5%URL. It can be corrected online by re zeros.
1.5. vibration effect
Under any axial direction, the effect of 200Hz vibration is + 0.5%URL/g.
1.6. power influence: less than + 0.005% output range / volt.
1.7. load effect:
There is no load effect unless the supply voltage changes.
1.8. electromagnetic interference / radio frequency interference (EMI/RFI effect)
From 20 to 1000MHz, when the field reaches 30V/M, the output drift is less than 0.1%.
1.9. installation position influence
Zero drift is at most + 0.25kPa. All zero drift can be corrected, and there is no effect on the range.

2. functional specifications
2.1. measurement range: differential pressure: 0-0.125 ~ 1.5KPa
Static pressure: 1, 4, 6.9MPa
2.2. zero and range
2.2.1. digital and intelligent: it can be adjusted with the range and zero button of the machine, or the HART hand-held device can be adjusted remotely.

2.2.2. simulation and linearity: continuous and adjustable range and zero.
2.3. zero positive and negative transfer
When the zero point moves negatively, the lower limit of the range must be greater than or equal to -URL. When the zero point is moving forward, the upper limit of the measuring range must be less than or equal to +URL. The calibration range is larger than or equal to a small range.
2.4. output
Number and intelligence:
4 ~ 20mA DC, users can choose linear or square root output, digital process variables are superimposed on 4 ~ 20mA DC signals, which can be used by HART protocol upper computer.
Simulation and linearity: 4 ~ 20mA DC, linear with process pressure.
2.5. damping time constant
Number and intelligence: the time constant is adjustable, increasing by 0.1 seconds, from small to 16 seconds.
Simulation and linearity: the time constant is adjustable from small to 1.67 seconds.
2.6. ambient temperature limit
Number and intelligence: -40 to 85 C
Simulation and linearity: -40 to 93 C
LCD head: -30 to 60 C
2.7. process temperature limit
Silicone oil: -40 to 104 degrees centigrade.
Inert solution: -18 to 71 C
2.8. storage temperature limit
Number and intelligence: -51 to 85 C
Simulation and linearity: -51 to 121 C
LCD head: -40 to 70 C
2.9. environmental humidity
0-100% relative humidity
2.10. static pressure and overpressure limit
0 to 6.9MPa pressure at any side of transmitter will not cause damage.Working in the static pressure range from 3.45kPa to 6.9MPa meets the performance specification requirements.
Volume change of 2.11.
Less than 0.16cm3


Three. Product selection


Micro differential pressure transmitter


Range KPa


0-0.125 ~ 1.5KPa





Code name

Structural materials

Flanges and joints

Exhaust / drain valve

Isolation diaphragm

Filling liquid


316 stainless steel

316 stainless steel

316 stainless steel

silicone oil

Code name

Big work pressure MPa




4 (special 6.9)




0-100% linear indicator


LED display table


LCD display table


Pipe bent bracket


Plate bent bracket


Pipe mounting bracket


The side relief valve is on the upper part of the pressure chamber.


The side relief valve is under the pressure chamber.

No note

1/2NPT taper pipe thread joint


T-shaped threaded joint M20 * 1.5, ball conical connector with rear welded 14 lead pressure pipe.


Flameproof D II BT4


Intrinsically safe ia II CT6


Stainless steel three valve group

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