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Pressure transmitter

The pressure transmitter adopts sputtered thin fil
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1. Product Brief
The pressure transmitter adopts sputtered thin film sensor, imported Silicon Diffused Type and ceramic pressure sensor as sensitive element. The special integrated module is adopted. After precise temperature drift, zero point and nonlinear compensation, accurate measurement and transmission of liquid pressure, gas and steam pressure are realized. The ideal monitoring of pressure and vacuum in various places such as factories, mines, enterprises and research institutes should be realized.

Two. Product uses:
Industrial field process pressure control, aerospace and petrochemical industry.
Instruments, medical and food industries, navigation and shipbuilding industry, water conservancy, hydropower, power plants and so on.

Three. Performance parameters:

Measuring mediumGas, liquid, oil and other 316 compatible media
Form and scope of measurementGauge pressure (G) - large (0~60) MPa, small (0 ~ 0.5) KPa
Absolute pressure (A) - large (0~40) MPa, small (0~5) KPa
Negative pressure (B) - (-0.1 to 40) MPa, small (-0.2 ~ 0.2) KPa
Accuracy grade0.1, 0.25, 0.5
Overload capacity2~5 times the range.
Long term stabilityLess than 0.25%FS/ years, less than 0.5%FS/ years
Power supply15~36 VDC (calibration voltage 24VDC)
Output letter(4~20) mA (two / three line) and (0 to 10/20) mA
(0~5) V, (1~5) V, (0~10) V
Display modePointer or digital display can be selected.
calibrationBy adjusting the precision potentiometer to realize zero point and range adjustment
Working temperature: (-40 ~ 80) centigrade compensation temperature: (-20 ~ 70) C
working temperature-40 ~ 80 C compensation temperature: -20 ~ 70 C
Process connectionM20 * 1.5 external thread (3 hole) or user specified
Diaphragm material316 stainless steel
Sensor interface material1Cr18Ni9Ti
Shell materialAlloy aluminum
Protection levelIP65

Four. Product selection

 Pressure transmitter

mouthRange (specify range of pressure range)

G, gauge pressure A, pressure B, seal pressure C negative pressure.
mouthDiaphragm material

K, diffused silicon (default) T, ceramic piezoresistive P, ceramic capacitor Y- sputtering thin film high precision chip
E mouthoutput signal

1, (0~5) VDC 2, two-line system (4~20) mA (default) 3, (0~10) mA 4, other notes.
A mouthaccuracy

1, 0.12, 0.253, 0.5
C mouthProcess connection mode

1, external thread M20 * 1.5 (default) 2, external thread G1/2 3, external thread NPT1/2 4, M27 * 2 (flat film standard interface 5, flange fixed 6, other notes)
D mouthDisplay mode

1, no indication (default) 2, 0 ~ 100% linear indication 3, LCD digital display (LCD) 4, LCD digital 0 to 100% display (liquid crystal) 5, LED digital tube display
F mouthExplosion proof grade

1, standard type, no explosion proof (default) 2, intrinsically safe (EXiaIICT4) 3, flameproof (EXdIIBT4) Selection explanation:1. explosion-proof intrinsically safe products can only be selected from 0 to 100% linear indication.2. if the accuracy is 0.1%FS, super stable diffused silicon or ceramic capacitance sensor can only be used.

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