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Diffused silicon pressure transmitter

2088 the diffused silicon pressure transmitter has
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2088 the diffused silicon pressure transmitter has the characteristics of reliable operation, stable performance, convenient installation and use, small size, light weight and high performance price ratio. It can be widely used in various positive and negative pressure measurements.

2088 the diffused silicon pressure transmitter adopts the imported diffused silicon or ceramic piezoresistive sensor as the pressure detecting element, and the signal of the sensor is transformed into a 4-20mA or 0-10mA uniform output signal through a high performance electronic amplifier.

Working principle

The 2088 series pressure transmitter adopts imported diffused silicon or ceramic core as the pressure detecting element, and the sensor signal is transformed into a 0~ 10mA or 4~ 20mA uniform output signal through a high performance electronic amplifier. It can replace the traditional remote pressure gauge, Holzer element and differential transmitter, and has the performance of DDZ- I and DDZ- II transmitter. It can be used in conjunction with all kinds of moving coil indicator, digital pressure gauge and electronic potentiometer, and can also be used in conjunction with various automatic control systems or computer systems.Widely used in power, petrochemical, machinery, metallurgy and other industries and various energy metrology.

Product characteristics

The main features of the diffused silicon pressure transmitter are overload resistance and impact resistance. The overpressure can reach several times of the range. Even a hard object directly hits the measuring element without damaging it and has no effect on the measurement accuracy.

The stability is high, which is better than 0.1% full scale per year. This technical index has reached the level of intelligent pressure instrument, and the temperature drift is small. As a result, the medium fluid in the pressure measuring element is cancelled, so the sensor not only obtains very high measurement accuracy, but also has little influence on the temperature gradient.

Pressure transmitter has wide applicability, easy installation and maintenance, and can be installed at any location.

technical parameter
Accuracy grade: 0.25 grade basic error + 0.25%
The basic error of grade 0.5 is + 0.5%.
Nonlinear error: 0.25 level less than or equal to 0.25%FS
Grade 0.5 or less 0.5%FS
Output characteristics: two wire 4-20mA output type, standard power supply DC24V, load resistance greater than 600 ohms, increase 50 power per additional 1V power supply, but the power supply limit is DC45V.. When the power supply exceeds DC24V, the output circuit should avoid working at zero load state for a long time. When necessary, resistance can be resisted in the output loop to reduce the power consumption of the output power tube.

Application scope

Measurement of pressure in industrial process control system

Measured medium

Various media compatible with 316L

Range (gauge pressure, absolute pressure)

0 ~ 10kPa, 0 ~ 16kPa, 0 ~ 25kPa, 0 ~ 40kPa,
0 ~ 0.06MPa, 0 ~ 0.1MPa, 0 ~ 0.16MPa,
0 ~ 0.25MPa, 0 ~ 0.4MPa, 0 ~ 0.6MPa,
0 ~ 1MPa, 0 ~ 1.6MPa, 0 ~ 2.5MPa,
0 ~ 4MPa, 0 ~ 6MPa, 0 ~ 10MPa,
0 ~ 16MPa, 0 ~ 25MPa, 0 ~ 40MPa,
0 ~ 60MPa, 0 ~ 100MPa, 0 ~ 160MPa


For measuring range less than 10MPa, 2 times.
For range > 10MPa, 1.5 times.

Accuracy (including linearity, hysteresis, repeatability)

0.25%, 0.5%

Working temperature range

Measured medium: - 60 ~ + 0.
Ambient temperature: 40 ~ + 85 C

Compensation temperature range

40 to + 80 degrees centigrade

Influence of environmental temperature changes

1, for range > 0.06MPa:
For grade 0.25: < 0.01%/ C;
For grade 0.5: < 0.02%/ C;
2, for range less than 0.06MPa:
For grade 0.25: < 0.02%/ C;
For grade 0.5: < 0.04%/ C


< 0.2%FS / year


4 to 20mADC two wire system

Power supply

12 ~ 45VDC (to consider load);
* corresponding safety barriers for intrinsically safe systems.

Electrical interface

M20 * 1.5 or ZG1/2

Process connector

M20 x 1.5 or 1/2 NPT, or according to user requirements

Power waste

< 1W

Enclosure protection level



< 1.5kg

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