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Diaphragm pressure transmitter

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Diaphragm type pressure transmitter adopts flange 304 stainless steel. The shell adopts isolation and explosion proof design, plus digital display head to realize on-the-spot display. The circuit is intrinsically safe and explosion-proof design. The circuit adopts signal isolation amplification, the design of frequency interference (anti-interference ability, lightning protection), overvoltage protection, current limiting protection, impact resistance, anti-corrosion, and small handy.316 stainless steel full seal welding, compact and compact structure, good moisture resistance and excellent media compatibility. The diaphragm seal system of pressure transmitter is used to protect pressure measuring instruments from corrosion, sticky, easy to crystallize, corrosiveness, high viscosity, harm to environment and toxic medium.

Working principle

HY-2088 diaphragm pressure transmitter combined with domestic and foreign technology, combined with the production characteristics of domestic demand enterprises, developed a flange diaphragm capacitive pressure sensor with a large area of contact with the media. Avoiding the direct contact between the tested medium and the transmitter isolation diaphragm provides a reliable measurement method. Because the diaphragm is in large contact with the medium, it is suitable for closed applications, especially for viscous or slurry media and strong corrosive liquids, or for the measurement of particles rich in medium.

HY-2088 diaphragm pressure transmitter is not easy to block and easy to clean. There are flat flanges and inserting flanges to choose, for flat medium flange pressure transmitters for general viscous media, for inserting flange pressure transmitters with large viscosity, easy precipitation and suspension, flanges have 3 or 4 inches, flanges with 150Lb and 300lb specifications, and can be customized by special enterprises according to user requirements.

Product characteristics

All welded structure is durable.

Universal type

Range: -0.1~0~0.001~100MPa (intermediate range optional)

Comprehensive accuracy: 0.1%FS/0.2%FS

Type of pressure: negative pressure, absolute pressure, gauge pressure, seal pressure (absolute pressure plus 140).

Measuring medium: gas liquid

Output signal: 4 ~ 20mA or 0 ~ 5VDC or 0 ~ 10VDC or 1-5VDC

Supply voltage: 12 ~ 36VDC

Medium temperature: -40 ~ 85 C

Ambient temperature: -40 ~ 85 C at room temperature.

Zero point temperature drift: + 0.01%FS/ C

Range temperature drift: + 0.01%FS/ C

Compensation temperature: 0~200 C

Safety overload: 150%FS

Class overload: 200%FS

Protection level: IP65

Sampling frequency: less than 2ms

Load capacity: (current mode) 250~1425 ohm (voltage type) is equal to 2K ohm sealing class: IP65

Long term stability: + 0.1%FS/ years

Mechanical connection (threaded interface): flange type DN25 DN50 DN100 DN125 DN150

technical parameter

Output signal: 4 ~ 20mA two-wire system (Analog)

The 2-wire 4 to 20mA DC signal is superimposed on digital signals, and the user selects linear or square output. (Intelligence)

Power supply: 12 ~ 24V (see load characteristic diagram).

Range ratio: 10:1 or 100 to 1

Power influence: <0.005% output range /V

Load effect: no impact on load when power is stable.

Measurement accuracy: 0.1% and 0.2 of the adjustment range (0.2%). If other precision is selected, please choose the order.

When marked.

Damping: normally adjustable between 0.1 and 16 seconds, the time constant will increase when inert liquid is filled or remotely transmitted.

Startup time: <2 seconds, no need to warm up.

Working environment: ambient temperature -29 ~ 93 C (analog amplifier)

-29 ~ 75 C (digital / smart amplifier)

-29 ~ 65 C (with display head)

Ambient humidity 0 to 95%

Protective characteristics: protection ability IP65

Explosion proof type: Flameproof Exd II BT4-6

Intrinsically safe Exia II CT5

Static pressure effect: class DP zero error: for 14MPa,


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