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Input type liquid level transmitter

The TPS400 series static pressure (input) liquid l
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I. product use

The TPS400 series static pressure (input) liquid level transmitter is widely used in petroleum, chemical industry, sewage treatment, urban water supply, machinery, metallurgy, electric power, scientific research and other enterprises and institutions to realize the measurement of liquid, gas or steam pressure, and is applicable to all weather conditions and the measurement and control of all kinds of corrosive liquids, gases and steam pressure in various occasions.

Two, working principle

      The TPS series hydrostatic liquid level transmitter uses the static pressure generated by measuring the liquid level height to measure the liquid level. When the sensor part of the liquid level transmitter is put into the liquid medium, the process pressure converts the pressure signal to the electrical signal through the pressure sensor. After amplifying by the differential amplifier and the output amplifier, and then converting it to the input through the conversion of the V/A converter. The 4-20mA standard current output signal is linearly proportional to pressure.

Three, product characteristics

1, high accuracy and good stability. In addition to laser correction of imported original sensors, the comprehensive temperature drift and nonlinearity of the whole machine in the temperature range are compensated meticulously, so the temperature and stability are good in the temperature range.

2. Reliable mechanical protection IP65 and explosion protection iaIICT5 can be used in all kinds of harsh environments.

3. It can be used to measure viscous, crystalline and corrosive media.

4, 4-20mA standard current output signal, two-wire system, with load anti-interference ability.

5, small volume, light weight, installation, maintenance, easy to use.

Four, technical indicators

Measured medium

Liquid, gas, steam

measuring range

Gauge pressure 0-2KPa-100MPa

Absolute pressure 0-100KPa-35MPa

Negative pressure -100kpa-1.0MPa

(liquid level) 0-10m-100m




0.25%F.S, 0.5%F.S

supply voltage



Better than + 0.2%FS years

Mechanical protection


Service temperature

-20-+80 C

Storage temperature

40-125 C

Overload limit

The rated range is 1.5-3 times.

relative humidity

Less than 95%

Load resistance

Not more than 75 ohms

Installation location

No influence

zero temperature

Less than 0.02%/ degrees C

Full range temperature coefficient

Less than 0.02%/ degrees C

Transmitter housing

Cast aluminum alloy

O circle

Ding Qing rubber

Isolation diaphragm

316L stainless steel

Shell spraying

epoxy resin

Electrical connection

Hester joint and waterproof joint

Contact medium connector

Stainless steel

Process connection mode

Threaded M20*1.5, M12*1.5, 1/2NPT, 1/4NPT, G1/2, G3/8 (customized according to customer requirements), flange DN20, DN25, etc.

Five, zero and range adjustment.

The zero and range of transmitter can be adjusted continuously after opening. (Z) is a zero point potentiometer, (S) is a full range potentiometer.

Six, selection table


Static pressure (input) liquid level transmitter


Universal type, suitable for water, sewage, sea water and other weak corrosive liquid media.

Liquid material: alumina ceramics, PVC, 316L, seals: fluorine rubber.


Oil resistant type, suitable for gasoline, clear oil, heavy oil and other organic solutions.

Liquid material: alumina ceramics, 316L, seals: Ding Qing oil resistant rubber.


Acid and alkali resistant, suitable for hydrochloric acid, dilute sulfuric acid, concentrated sulfuric acid and other inorganic solutions.

Liquid material: alumina ceramics, polytetrafluoroethylene, PPR, seals: fluorine rubber.


Food hygiene, conform to GMP standard and 3-A hygiene standard.

Liquid material: ceramic diaphragm, 316L, seal: silicone rubber.


Flange mounting type


Bracket mounting type


Hygienic quick assembling clamp type


Thread mounting type


Ordinary waterproof type, protection grade IP65, without on-site display.


Flameproof ExdIICT4-CT6


Intrinsically safe ExiaIICT4-CT6


With live LED digital display


Length of gas guide cable or installation height

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