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RF admittance level gauge

The RF admittance liquid level gauge is widely use
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The RF admittance liquid level gauge is widely used in petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, power, papermaking, pharmaceutical and other fields. The product is applied to the industrial and mining field, and is suitable for most applications. The instrument consists of a circuit unit, a set of explosion-proof shell and a rod type or cable type sensing element. The sensor has various models, and the instrument can be installed wholly or separately.

Installation requirements of RF admittance level gauge:

When the sensor is installed, it is necessary to set up reference electrodes locally, such as metal tank walls, etc. to ensure that the instrument shell is kept in good contact with the reference electrode. If the container wall is insulators, the case must be grounded by a conductor.

Top installation of RF admittance level gauge:

The top installation must be far away from the liquid inlet, avoiding the fluctuation of the liquid level when feeding. When measuring the storage tank or process container with a height of more than 3.6 meters, a soft cable RF admittance liquid level gauge is needed. The lower end of the flexible cable should be fixed with a heavy hammer to avoid the large fluctuation of the flexible cable when entering the liquid.

The lower end of the hard rod sensor is generally not fixed. Special conditions can be fixed at the lower end or the middle. The cable sensor needs to be fixed with heavy hammer or bottom anchor.

Notes for RF admittance level gauge:

1. The installation position of RF admittance must not be too close to the inlet. Otherwise, the RF admittance level meter can easily receive false echo when feeding.

2, the radio frequency admittance should be installed in the 1/2 of the cylindrical radius for the cylindrical raw coal bunker, and the sensor should deal with the quasi discharge port. VEGA

3, the voltage levels of different types of RF admittance are different. In order to ensure personal safety and the integrity of the instrument, it should be connected in the case of power failure.

4, the wiring mode is divided into two wire systems. The RF admittance level meter collects the current signals of 4-20MA. In order to prevent electromagnetic interference and ensure the accuracy of the signal, shielded cable should be used to shield the cable from one end to the ground.

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