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Float ball level controller

The float ball level controller is suitable for li
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The float ball level controller is suitable for liquid control in various containers. When the liquid level reaches the upper and lower switching values, the controller contacts issue a on-off switch signal. The product series is divided into two categories: explosion protection or non explosion protection. Explosion-proof type can be used for liquid level control of inflammable and explosive medium for pressure vessels of class 1.2 and A, B and C. The controller is not suitable for medium with strong corrosion to brass, stainless steel and other materials with magnetic impurity.

Basic parameters

Measurement range L
Less than 6000mm
Action error
+ 3mm
Release error
+ 8mm
Medium temperature
Less than 100 degrees centigrade
Medium specific gravity
More than 0.8 (<0.8)
Capacity flange
DN80, DN100 HG20593-97 (FM)
Pressure grade
0.6 - 2.5MPa
Switching points
1-8 points
contact rating
24V.DC, 0.5A
Explosion proof sign
Associated device
JHA-E safety barrier

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