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Top mounted magnetic turnover board level gauge

The top mounted magnetic turnover level gauge is a
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The top mounted magnetic turnover level gauge is another kind of top mounted (bottom mounted) magnetic turnover plate level gauge developed by centralized control. It has the advantages of clear on-site instructions and remote control. The product can be widely used in liquid level indication of various towers, tanks, tanks and spherical containers in petrochemical, fertilizer, medicine, ship, military and other industries.

Technical requirements for top mounted magnetic turnover level gauge

Measurement range: 0 ~ 5000mm

Accuracy: + 10mm + 16mm

Column diameter: 10mm, 16mm

Nominal pressure: 2.5MPa

Medium density: greater than 0.7g/cm3 (special requirements up to 0.45g/cm3)

Medium temperature: -20 ~ +350 C

Liquid material: stainless steel 304/316/316L and PP material.

Medium viscosity: less than 2.0Pa.s

Ambient vibration: frequency less than 25Hz amplitude less than 0.5mm

Follow speed: less than 0.05m/s

Flange standard: HG20592 ~ 20635-97

Alarm, remote transmission device: technical parameters are the same as UHZ-25 series.

Structure of top mounted magnetic turnover board level gauge

The top mounted magnetic turnover board level meter is composed of a body (consisting of upper and lower pipes), a turnover board box (You Hong, a white two color magnetic flip board), and a float (composed of magnets, ejector poles and buoys), etc., which are matched with the liquid level control switch and liquid level remote transmitter device produced by our company, and can realize the upper and lower limit alarm and limit control of liquid level. It can convert liquid level change into 4-20mA linear current signal, and realize long-distance indication, detection, control and record.

Working principle

The buoys in the container (according to different media and pressure for development), float up and down with the change of the liquid level in the lower conduit, and move the magnet up and down in the upper conduit through the ejector pin, which causes the external flipping board to turn over and indicate the height of the liquid surface in red and white colors. At the same time, the liquid level transmitter sends the liquid level signal to the control center for liquid level indication and control. Centralized monitoring can also be carried out through computers.  

1. When the container is not suitable for opening on the side and the space around the container is small, the liquid level gauge can be installed on the upper or lower part of the container.

2. Suitable for liquid media with high viscosity.

3. The direction of the monitor can be changed arbitrarily.

4, other characteristics and UFZ characteristics are the same.

Selection of top mounted magnetic turnover level gauge:

1. The nominal pressure of anticorrosive type is less than 1.0MPa.

2, the liquid level meter has a certain blind area. Therefore, when the liquid level is read, the compensation for the blind area should be added.

3, the liquid level gauge does not measure more than 5 meters, otherwise it will affect the stability and reliability of the liquid level gauge.

4. Install the connecting flange. The liquid level gauge is usually made by the usual size of the factory surface (HG21592-97).

Installation, operation and maintenance of top mounted magnetic turnover level gauge:

1. Liquid level gauge catheters and main catheters should be kept vertical.

2. The connecting rod must not be bent.

3, after installation, it is necessary to guide the display column with magnetic steel to display white at least above zero and display red below zero.  

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