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Model UHZ-50 low temperature magnetic level gauge

The UHZ-50 series magnetic turnover column liquid
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1. Summary of UHZ-5 type magnetic turn column liquid level gauge product:

The UHZ-50 series magnetic turnover column liquid level meter is a product that the company introduces and absorbs similar products from abroad, and improves the product of research and production. Series products can be highly sealed, leakproof and safe under high temperature, high pressure, high viscosity and strong corrosive conditions. Totally reliable measurement of liquid level, no blind area is detected in the whole process. It shows striking, intuitive reading and wide measuring range, equipped with liquid level alarm and control switch. It can alarm and control the upper and lower limits of liquid level or boundary. With the LB liquid level transmitter, the liquid level and boundary signal can be converted into 4 to 20mADC standard signals of two-wire system, so as to realize remote detection, indication, recording and control. Series of products are widely used in power, petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, environmental protection, shipbuilding, construction, food and other industries in the production process of liquid level measurement and control.

Two. The structure principle of UHZ-5 type magnetic reversing column liquid level gauge.

The liquid level meter works according to the buoyancy principle and the magnetic coupling principle. When the liquid level in the container is measured, the float in the main tube also rises and falls. The long magnetic steel in the float is transferred to the field indicator through magnetic coupling, driving the red and white column to turn 180 degrees. When the liquid level rises, the turning column turns from white to red. When the liquid level drops, the turning column turns from red to white, and the red and white positions of the indicator are the liquid level in the container. Actual height so as to achieve liquid level indication.

Three, UHZ-5 type magnetic reversal column liquid level gauge:

UHZ-50C13/C13A low temperature magnetic reversing column level gauge is suitable for liquid level measurement at low temperature. The working temperature is -196 C and the working pressure is 4.0MPa. It is suitable for measuring liquid level and boundary of liquid medium in container. In addition to on-site instructions, remote transmitters and alarm (control) switches can also be provided, and the detection functions are complete. The directions are new, intuitive and visual, and the direction of the indicator can be changed according to the needs of users. The measuring range is large and is not restricted by the height of storage tanks.The indicating mechanism is completely separated from the tested medium, so the sealing capacity is good, the reliability is high, and the use is safe. The structure is simple, the installation is convenient, and the maintenance cost is low.

Four, UHZ-5 type magnetic inversion column liquid level gauge technical parameters:

The measuring range is 150 ~ 8000mm. The liquid level gauge with a center distance exceeding 8000mm or a transport condition not exceeding the length can be manufactured by segmental manufacturing accuracy: + 10mm.

Working pressure: 2.5MPa

Working temperature: UHZ-50C13: -40 ~ 100 C

Type UHZ-50C13A: -196 ~ 100 medium density: 0.38 ~ 1.2g/cm3 density difference: 150kg or m3 (measurement boundary) ambient vibration: frequency less than 25Hz amplitude less than 0.5mm follow speed: less than 0.08m/s

Medium viscosity: less than 0.4Pa.S for medium viscosity or low temperature easy to crystallize medium, can choose heating jacket type liquid level gauge.     

Process connection: bypass side mounting flange: DN25, PN4.0 convex surface.

Flange standard: HG20592 ~ 20635-97 other flange standards, please indicate the user.     

Material: bypass pipe: 1Cr18Ni9Ti; 304; 316L float: titanium optional: L drain valve port liquid level switch R 4 to 20mA two-wire transmitter D flameproof type: dIIBT4E intrinsic safety type: ibIICT4F with isolation safety gate A XGTH-510 (vertical) display alarm regulator B B 1 810 (horizontal) display adjustment alarm device measuring area (a) a mouth. Medium density (g / cm3), a working pressure (MPa) four, UHZ-5 type magnetic flip column liquid level meter products use: 1. supporting instruments and accessories detailed content of the specific instrument accessories instructions.

2. in order to prevent the movement of the float from moving up or down during transportation or handling, we use the corrected magnetic steel produced by the liquid level gauge to attract the magnetic float on the outside of the main pipe (with color identification). Therefore, after receiving the product or installation, please remove the corrected magnetic steel so that the float can move up and down with the liquid level. If the magnetic column is turned over and the color is not consistent before use, the magnetic steel can be used to suck it down and the instrument can work normally.

3. when the liquid level gauge is installed, the magnetic steel must be calibrated. Once the magnetic reversal column is guided, it will display red below zero and white above zero.

4. when the liquid level meter is put into operation, it should first open the valve on the upper liquid inlet pipe, then open the valve of the lower liquid inlet tube, and let the liquid medium enter the main tube smoothly, avoiding the rapid rise of the liquid medium with the buoy, resulting in the magnetic column overturning failure or disorder. (if this happens, the magnetic steel can be rectified again). Five, UHZ-5 type magnetic column level gauge maintenance:

1. there should be no solid impurities and magnetic impurities in the cylinder, so as not to cause blockage and buoyancy to the float. 2. according to the medium condition, the main pipe can be cleaned regularly and the impurities in the pipe can be removed. 3. when cleaning the liquid level gauge or replacing float, open the drain flange. When loading the magnetic float, it is necessary to pay attention to the magnetic side of the heavy end, which is not upside down. 4. for the low temperature and liquefied petroleum gas special products, the main body of the liquid level gauge is vacuum jacketed for insulation. During the installation process, be careful not to damage the jacket, so as not to affect it.

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