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Distinguish between explosion-proof thermocouple and flame-proof thermocouple

The explosion-proof thermocouple for industrial use is a kind of temperature sensor, which is widely used in the automatic control system of chemical industry. Through the temperature sensor, the temperature parameters of the controlled object can be changed into electrical signals, which can be transmitted to the display, recording and regulating instruments to detect the system.

Explosion proof thermocouple

Regulation and control. In the chemical plant, the production site is often accompanied by a variety of flammable, explosive and other chemical gases, steam, if the use of ordinary thermocouples is very unsafe, it is very easy to cause environmental gas explosion. Therefore, flame-proof thermocouple must be used as temperature sensor in these occasions.

Flameproof thermocouple is usually used with display instrument, recording instrument and electronic computer. Directly measure the surface temperature of liquid, steam, gas medium and solid in the range of 0 ℃ ~ 1300 ℃ when there are hydrocarbons and other explosives in the production site.


Various explosion-proof forms, good explosion-proof performance; spring-loaded temperature sensing element, good vibration resistance performance; large measurement range; high mechanical strength, good pressure resistance performance; working principle explosion-proof thermocouple is to use the gap explosion-proof principle, design junction box and other components with sufficient strength, and seal all parts that will produce sparks, electric arc and dangerous temperature in the junction box, when explosion occurs in the box When.

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