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Solution to the error of explosion proof pressure transmitter

Explosion proof pressure transmitter is an intelligent digital pressure measurement and control performance which integrates pressure measurement, display, output and control. Its performance and characteristics are as follows:

The microprocessor can control the sensor software according to the given program in the explosion-proof pressure transmitter system, and use the software control algorithm to achieve data fitting, thus improving the accuracy, and changing the sensor from a single function to a multi-function.

In view of the common problems such as error, signal interference and no signal in the use of explosion-proof pressure transmitter, the following solutions are concluded based on years of experience

1、 Pressure indication erratic or incorrect

1. Check whether the power supply of explosion-proof pressure transmitter is normal. If it is less than 12VDC, check whether there is a large load in the circuit. The input impedance of transmitter load shall conform to RL ≤ (transmitter supply voltage - 12V) / (0.02A) Ω

2. The input impedance of the transmitter load shall conform to RL ≤ (transmitter power supply voltage - 12V) / (0.02A) Ω. If it does not conform, corresponding measures can be taken according to the difference: increase the power supply voltage (but it must be lower than 36VDC), reduce the load, etc

3. Check whether the input and corresponding wiring of the pressure indicating instrument are correct. If the input of the pressure indicating instrument is 4 ~ 20mA, the output signal of the transmitter can be directly connected; if the input of the pressure indicating instrument is 1 ~ 5V, the input of the pressure indicating instrument must be in the input of the pressure indicating instrument

4. Whether the range of the pressure indicating instrument is consistent with that of the anti explosion pressure transmitter, and connect a resistance with an accuracy of one thousandth or more and a resistance value of 250 Ω, and then connect the input of the transmitter.

5. If the input end of the multipoint paper recorder is open when it is not recorded, if it is open: 1. No other load can be carried; 2. Use another recorder whose input impedance is ≤ 250 Ω when it is not recorded.

6. Whether the corresponding equipment shell is grounded, and the equipment shell is required to be grounded.

7. If the pressure sensor is damaged, serious overload may sometimes damage the isolation diaphragm. If there is any damage, it shall be sent back to the manufacturer for repair.

8. If the pipeline temperature is too high, the use temperature of the pressure sensor is - 25 ~ 85 ℃, but the actual use is within - 20 ~ 70 ℃. Add a buffer tube to dissipate heat.

2、 Transmitter no output

1. Check whether the power supply of anti explosion pressure transmitter is connected reversely;

2. Connect the ammeter into the 24V power circuit in series and check whether the current is normal;

3. If it has a header, check whether the header is damaged. If the header is damaged, replace it.

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