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Advantages of polymer cable bridge in power grid application

Bridge is an important tool for supporting and laying cables. In the construction of the project, many bridges are used, so cable bridges will be used to lay cables. Cable bridge is a supporting project of the cabling project. At present, there is no specific standard guidance. The manufacturer's standard procedures lack versatility. Therefore, the manufacturer will generally inform the characteristics and scope of application of cable bridges of different materials, and the suitable bridge shall be selected reasonably according to the type and quantity of each system cable with weak current. Cable bridge has the characteristics of complete varieties, wide application range, high strength, light layout, low cost, simple structure, sensitive wiring, standard equipment, beautiful appearance, etc.

Features and functions of polymer cable tray

Good heat dissipation performance is an important feature of cable bridge polymer. The use of polymer cable in power grid can reduce the temperature of internal cable, the temperature range is about 10 ℃, the cable temperature can reduce the possibility of aging insulation layer, extend the service life of cable, and reduce the temperature. In this way, it is easy to avoid high altitude fire accidents and increase the protection of power facilities. The power supply will produce certain loss in the process of cable transmission. Under the current electricity fee calculation system, these losses are paid by users. Polymer cable bridge is a good helper to reduce power loss. After laying the cable with polymer cable bridge, the power loss is reduced, the power consumption rate is increased, and the user's electricity fee is saved.

After strict quality inspection, you can buy and use safely. We sincerely look forward to more extensive promotion and use of polymer cable tray, fully demonstrate its value of saving resources.

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