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Advantages of polymer cable tray

Manganese steel plastic cable bridge is a kind of new building material bridge commodity. It is suitable for crude oil, chemical plant, textile, electrical engineering, mechanical equipment, transportation, industrial construction and other industries. It can replace the traditional metal bridge at this stage. According to the knowledge, it has been applied in the market for a long time in capitalist countries such as foreign countries, Japan, France, etc., and it is the cable bridge used in future engineering projects.

So let's take a look at the valuable advantages of polymer cable bridge with small braid!

1. Manganese steel plastic cable tray is made of high-tech fiber material PVC and organic chemical raw materials such as ABS polyphenylene oxide. The cable tray mesh tells me that it has the advantages of high temperature resistance, low coefficient of linear expansion, good flame retardant grade, rising dielectric strength, strong corrosion resistance and long service life.

2. The reliability design of the structure improves the coordination ability and rapidity of the cable tray installation. Traditional cable tray structure analysis requires many spare parts, while the new manganese steel plastic cable tray can greatly consider the customer's requirements by using only a dozen spare parts, greatly improving the coordination ability and rapidity of cable tray installation.

3. Improve the utilization rate of fiber materials, up and down 5% based on the certification. It is known that PPO has prominent professional characteristics, especially in tensile strength, impact compressive strength, corrosion resistance and stress relaxation resistance.

4. The product has excellent plastic design and high decorative art. The product is made of plastic materials with strong plasticity, which are processed by injection molding and extrusion. It has excellent modeling design and can be combined at will according to the reliability design of the structure.

5. Manganese steel plastic cable bridge service life expertise. Compared with the traditional steel bridge, the service life of the bridge is 5-8 times longer, which reduces the re investment cost of dismantling and replacing the bridge. Traditional steel bridge products have weak anti rust characteristics, so it is necessary to brush and repair the bridge on time, with high labor cost.

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