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How to install the high polymer cable tray scientifically

Polymer cable tray is a totally enclosed cable tray. The combination of straight-line section, bend, accessory of tray and ladder as well as support and hanger light parts is called polymer tray cable tray. It is mainly applicable to the laying of computer communication cables and the laying of cables controlled by high sensitive system. It can control the shielding interference of cables and the protection effect of cables under severe conditions It's better.

How to install high polymer cable tray?

For the installation of bridge, we need to consider the number of layers of cable laying, the diameter of internal cable, the filling rate of cable and the space for the installation of bridge. When we choose to install the high polymer trough cable tray indoor, it is required that this cable should not have the outer sheath of jute or other flammable materials. When installing the high polymer cable tray, the height from the ground shall not be less than two and a half meters, and the appropriate span shall be selected according to the load curve to stop supporting. The span is generally one and a half meters to three meters. The high polymer cable tray can lay cables without distance, but the cross-section filling rate of cables in the tray is that the power cables shall not be more than 40%, and the control cables shall not be large 50%.

There are many applications of polymer trough cable tray in our life, more because of its advantages. Trough cable tray allows outgoing line from any point, which is very convenient to connect with other machines. This shape can form a better protection for the cable, can naturally ventilate, will not gather energy to damage the cable, and can effectively protect the cable. Its airtightness is like a box, which can block dust well, and its anti-interference ability is also good. Its simple structure and strong bearing capacity are the reasons for many customers to choose.

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