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Intelligent target flowmeter

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I. Introduction

The intelligent target flowmeter is based on the traditional diaphragm type target flowmeter. The new strain sensor is applied to the target flowmeter. At the same time, the new digital technology and microelectronic technology are applied to process the detected sensing signal into 4 to 20mA signal output which is proportional to the flow rate. Meanwhile, the traditional target flow is displayed by displaying the instantaneous flow and accumulative flow simultaneously through two large liquid crystals. Both structure and performance have been improved significantly. The smart strain target flowmeter is applying for the national patent.

Two, product characteristics

 High temperature and high pressure: from -80 to +200, the pressure can reach 10MPa

 Suitable for all kinds of caliber: Phi 15 ~ 1500mm

 It is suitable for measuring liquid, gas and steam.

 Low velocity medium can be measured, and the flow rate can be measured at more than 0.1m/s (the Reynolds number is greater than 1000).

 A medium with large viscosity and sediment.

 Accurate measurement, high accuracy, up to 0.2% (special order).

 The pressure loss is small, which is half of the standard orifice, and the big diameter decreases obviously.

Nominal caliber and pressure

Flange type: DN15 ~ DN300mm (pressure 1.6 ~ 10MPa)

Clamping type: DN15 ~ DN300mm (pressure 1.6 ~ 10MPa)

Insert: DN150 ~ DN1500mm (pressure 1.6 ~ 10MPa)

Threaded type: DN15 ~ DN50mm (pressure 1.64MPa)


+ 0.5% + + 2.5%FS standard: + 1.0%FS

Medium temperature

- 40 C to +200 C (over 100 C plus heat sink, over 200 c or less than -30 C plus jacketed device)

ambient temperature

-40 ~ +85 C (liquid crystal will not damage). The liquid crystal works normally at -30 C to +80 C.

Power supply

24VDC two-wire system 4 to 20mA (12VDC to 32VDC)

Battery type: 3.6V@7.5AH lithium battery, sustainable use for three years

signal output

4 ~ 20mA

Measuring tube material

Stainless steel 304, 316 or others

Explosion proof sign

Intrinsically safe ExiaIICT5, flameproof ExdIIBT6

Cable interface

Flameproof 1/2NPT internal thread, other M20 * 1.5 internal thread


Instantaneous flow range: 0~50000 (with decimal point).

Cumulative flow display value range: 0~99999999 (with decimal point) automatic reset

Shell material

Cast aluminum

Load characteristics

RLmax=50* (supply voltage -12) @24V

Protection level


Instrument typeLB-1LB-2LB-3LB-4
signal outputnothing4-20mA4-20mA4-20mA
Power supplylithium battery24VDC + 15%24VDC + 15%24VDC + 15%
communication interfacenothingOptional RS485Optional RS485Optional RS485
Accuracy gradeLiquid: Level 1
Gas: Level 1
Steam: grade 1.5
Liquid: Level 1
Gas: Level 1
Steam: grade 1.5
Instrument material304SS304SS
Explosion proof gradeOptional ExiaIICT5 or ExdIIBT6Optional ExiaIICT5 or ExdIIBT6
Protection levelIP65IP65
Overall power consumption< 1W< 1W
Instrument accessDN15 ~ DN1500DN15 ~ DN1500
Installation modeThread, flange type, clamping type, insert type.Thread, flange type, clamping type, insert type.
Withstand voltage gradeOptional 1.6MPa or 2.5MPaOptional 1.6MPa or 2.5MPa
Medium temperature-40 C to 250 C, -40 C to 350 C-40 C to 250 C, -40 C to 350 C
ambient temperature-20 ~ 60 C-20 ~ 60 C

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