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Gear type diesel flowmeter

LC gear type diesel flowmeter, also known as posit
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LC gear type diesel flowmeter, also known as positive displacement flowmeter, is a kind of high accuracy in the flowmeter. A mechanical measuring element is used to continuously divide the fluid into several known volume parts, and the volume of the flow volume is measured according to the number of parts of the volume measured and measured by the measuring room. The LC oval gear flowmeter can be made of different materials (cast steel, stainless steel and 316), and is suitable for the flow measurement in the chemical, petroleum, pharmaceutical, electric power, metallurgy and food industries.

Working principle

The LC gear type diesel flowmeter is composed of a flow transmitter and a counting mechanism. A high temperature flowmeter is formed by installing a radiator between the transmitter and the counting mechanism. The transmitter consists of a measuring chamber and a sealing coupling equipped with a pair of elliptical gear rotors, and the counting mechanism comprises a decelerating mechanism, a regulating mechanism, a counter and a transmitter.

The measuring chamber consists of a pair of elliptical gears and a cover plate, forming a cavity for measuring the flow volume. The elliptical gear is driven by the pressure difference between the inlet and outlet of the flowmeter, so that the liquid is continuously measured to the outlet through the initial cavity. The liquid flowing through each turn is four times the liquid in the initial cavity. The total number of rotated gears and the speed of the rotation are transmitted to the counting mechanism or the transmitter through the sealing coupling, so that the total amount of liquid and instantaneous flow through the pipeline can be known.

Product characteristics

1. Flow measurement has nothing to do with the flow state of the fluid and has a wide range of measurements.

2, the larger the viscosity, the smaller the leakage from the gear and the measuring space gap. Therefore, the larger the viscosity of the nuclear measuring medium, the smaller the leakage error.

3. The elliptical gear flowmeter has high measuring accuracy and is suitable for measuring the flow of high viscosity medium.

4. Before and after the flow meter, there is no need for straight pipe section. Even if the flowmeter is near the valve, bend pipe, shrink tube and expansion pipe, there is no need to install straight pipe section.

5, the measurement accuracy is higher: 0.2 and 0.5.

6. It can measure all kinds of oil products and the measurement of non corrosive liquid medium to cast iron.

technical parameter

Permissible error: + 0.2%, + 0.5%

Nominal diameter DN (mm): 10~100

Nominal pressure PN (M.Pa): cast iron (A), stainless steel (P) 1, 1.6, 2.5, 4, 6.3, cast steel (E) 2.5, 4, 6.3, 9.6

Measured medium temperature: low temperature type: -40 ~ +60 C, normal temperature -10 C ~ +80 C, medium temperature -10 C ~ +200 C, high temperature -10 ~ C +300 C

Viscosity of measured liquid (mPa.s): 0.3 ~ 50000

Pipe connection: GB/T9118-2000 (Chinese standard flange); NIST (American standard flange), BSPT (British standard pipe thread): NPT (American push pull pipe thread);

On site display: 99999999 L (cumulative flow), 9999999.9 L (single flow), 9999999.9 L (instantaneous flow).

Output signal: pulse signal, 4 ~ 20mA,

Explosion proof grade: EXiaIIBT5EXiaIICT5

Protection level: IP65

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