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Stainless steel sanitary electromagnetic flowmeter

The LDE stainless steel sanitary electromagnetic f
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The LDE stainless steel sanitary electromagnetic flowmeter is designed to meet the requirements of food industry for food hygiene. The pipe type electromagnetic flowmeter with traditional flanges is connected with the sanitary lining material and clamp technology to meet the hygienic requirements of the food industry. At the same time, the sanitary electromagnetic flowmeter is connected with the stainless steel shell and the stainless steel hoop to facilitate the quick dismantling of the electromagnetic flowmeter. Discharge and cleaning can make the electromagnetic flowmeter not easy to be polluted during the use process, and can effectively prevent the accumulation of measuring fluid residues in the measuring tube. It can be widely used in the manufacturing process of mineral water, soy sauce, jam, beer, fruit juice, rice wine, milk and other foods, as well as sanitary, chemical and other fields.

Working principle

LDE stainless steel sanitary electromagnetic flowmeter, based on Faraday electromagnetic induction principle, installed a pair of detection electrodes on the wall perpendicular to the measuring tube axis and magnetic line. When the conductive liquid moves along the axis of the measuring tube, the conductive liquid cuts the magnetic line to generate the induced potential. The detected potential is detected by two detection electrodes, and the value is proportional to the flow rate.



E induced electric potential;

K is related to the distribution of magnetic field and axial length.

B magnetic induction intensity;

Mean flow velocity of V conductive liquid;

D electrode spacing; (diameter of measuring tube)

The sensor takes the induced potential E as a flow signal and sends it to the converter. After amplification and transformation filtering, a series of digital processing is performed, and the instantaneous flow and accumulated flow are displayed in the lattice liquid crystal with backlight. The converter has 4 to 20mA output, alarm output and frequency output, and has RS-485 communication interface, and supports HART and MODBUS protocol.

Product characteristics

1. The sensor adopts new type of sanitary lining material to prevent the accumulation of measuring medium residue in the measuring tube.  

2. The sensor adopts fast connection scheme, and the electromagnetic flowmeter is easy to disassemble, maintain and clean.  

3, the converter uses 16 bit embedded microprocessor for signal processing. It has the characteristics of high integration, fast calculation speed, high accuracy, full digital signal processing, strong anti-interference ability, reliable measurement and so on.  

4. The flowmeter is a two-way measurement system, which contains three integrators: positive total quantity, reverse total quantity and difference total value. It can display positive and negative flow rate, and has a variety of outputs: current, pulse, digital communication and HART protocol.  

technical parameter

1, caliber: DN15 DN20 DN25 DN32 DN40 DN50 DN65 DN80 DN100

2, accuracy: 0.5; 1 level.

3. The temperature of the tested medium is T < 120 C.

4. Ambient temperature: -20~+45 C

5. Relative humidity: 5%~95%

6, rated pressure: PN1.0

7. Range of velocity: 0.3~12m/s

8, conductivity: > 5 s/cm

9, electrode: 316L

10, lining: PTFE

11. Material: stainless steel.

12, power supply: AC220V + 10%? 50Hz + 5%; DC24V

13, output signal: 4~20mA; RS232 RS485; HART protocol; pulse output.

14, protection level: IP65

15, flameproof level: EXdiiBT4~6?? EXdiiCT4~6

16, product classification: pipeline integration; pipeline split type

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