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Anhui Tiankang group tops the top ten enterprises in 2019

On the morning of March 16, Deng Jigan, Secretary of Tianchang municipal Party committee, Deng Jinwen, deputy director of the Standing Committee of the Municipal People's Congress, Zhou Ji'an, deputy mayor of the municipal government, Lu Jintang, vice chairman of the CPPCC municipal committee, Lu ChuanHua, Secretary of the Party Working Committee of Chuzhou high tech Zone and other leaders visited Anhui Tiankang group to hold the awarding ceremony of "top ten enterprises" and "meritorious entrepreneurs" of Tianchang City in 2019. Zhao Kuan, chairman of Anhui Tiankang group, and general manager Li Maowen and other group leaders attended the licensing ceremony.

Deng Jigang, Secretary of the municipal Party committee, expressed his warm congratulations to Anhui Tiankang group once again to be the top ten enterprises and chairman Zhao Kuan to win the title of "meritorious entrepreneur" again, and fully affirmed the outstanding achievements of Anhui Tiankang group in 2019 under the leadership of chairman Zhao Kuan. In 2019, the municipal Party committee and the municipal government pay close attention to the development of the private economy, vigorously support the private enterprises, create a new environment, give full play to the superposition effect of policies, promote the implementation, refinement and implementation of various policies, and have achieved remarkable results. The total GDP of Tianchang has reached a new level. After careful assessment and comparison, Anhui Tiankang group once again ranked first among Tianchang's "top ten enterprises", chairman Zhao Kuan once again won the title of "meritorious entrepreneur", becoming an advanced model of industrial enterprises in the city, and making great contributions to Tianchang's industrial economic development. Due to the impact of the epidemic situation, combined with the current situation, several leaders of the city sent their cards to the door for commendation, hoping to continue to serve and guarantee our Anhui Tiankang group well, and work together to make new and greater contributions to the city's industrial economy.

Zhao Kuan, chairman of the board of directors, on behalf of more than 6000 employees of the group, thanked the city leaders for their door-to-door commendation. In the past year, Anhui Tiankang group's outstanding achievements were inseparable from the support and help of the municipal Party committee and the government. It was once again the top ten enterprises and ranked the first in the city. This was the affirmation of the municipal Party committee and the municipal government for the achievements of Anhui Tiankang group in the past year. Chairman Zhao Kuan said that since the Spring Festival this year, due to the impact of the epidemic, the group's sales revenue in the first quarter is far lower than that in the same period last year, but we are confident that it will surpass in the next quarter. I believe that with the strong leadership of the municipal Party committee and the municipal government, Anhui Tiankang group will be based on itself, dare to take responsibility, give full play to the role of "head geese", further promote the good development of Tianchang enterprises, and make new contributions to the local economic development.


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