Gao Wendong, secretary and director of the Party group of Chuzhou Bureau of statistics and his delegation visited Anhui Tiankang group for investigation

Add Time:2020-03-24 10:58:38

On March 20, Gao Wendong, Secretary of the Party group and director general of Chuzhou Statistics Bureau, and his delegation, accompanied by Deng Jigan, Secretary of Tianchang municipal Party committee, Zhang Hongsheng, member of the Standing Committee of the municipal Party committee and executive vice mayor, visited Anhui Tiankang group for investigation. Zhao Kuan, chairman of the group, and Mao Wenwen, general manager of the group received Gao Wendong and his delegation.

At the production site of the instrument manufacturing department of the group, director Gao Wendong listened carefully to Zhao Kuan, chairman of the group, about the general situation of enterprise development and industrial structure, especially the current epidemic prevention and control measures and production and operation of the group. Director Gao Wendong fully affirmed the good development trend of Tiankang group under the epidemic situation, and highly praised the achievements of development strategy, management and innovation mode of the group. Anhui Tiankang group has been the top ten enterprises in Tianchang City for many years, which fully explains the solid economic foundation and innovative development concept of the enterprise. It is hoped that Anhui Tiankang group can overcome the epidemic factors, make further efforts, successfully achieve the 2020 production and operation goals, and make new contributions to the industrial economic development from Tianchang to Chuzhou.

Zhao Kuan, chairman of the board of directors, said that Anhui Tiankang group will continue to innovate, take on responsibilities, continue to develop and expand its own advantages, further promote the sound development of Tianchang enterprises, and make new contributions to local economic development.


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