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Fight together for "epidemic" | Anhui Tiankang Group donated anti epidemic materials to Rwanda!

At present, the new pneumonia epidemic is spreading in many countries in the world. As one belt, one road master went to Anhui to enter the African countries. In order to help and support the Rwandan people's fight against the epidemic, the company donated food and materials to Rwanda. On the afternoon of March 21, the group held a brief donation ceremony in the hall on the first floor. Lu Kai, vice mayor of Tianchang City, attended the ceremony. Mao Wen, Zhao Jianbing, Zhang guomotherland, song Chunyu, Bai Baodong, Wang Ju, Zhao Kehua, etc., leaders of Anhui Tiankang group, attended the ceremony.

Mr. Liu Zhigang, special representative of the Rwandan Embassy in China, accepted the donation and, on behalf of the Rwandan people, expressed deep gratitude to Anhui Tiankang group for its kindness and righteousness: thanks for every drop of water, we will report to each other. We will never forget the help that the Chinese people have given us. We believe that after the victory of the epidemic, our friendship will be more profound.

This time, Anhui Tiankang Group donated 1000 sets of medical protective clothing, 2000 sets of medical isolation clothing and 20000 medical surgical masks to the people of Rwanda. The anti epidemic materials were transported to Guangzhou Baiyun Airport Rwanda airlines on that night and arrived in Rwanda the next day.

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